Grant to Support Rural Emergency Care Effort

Indiana State University is partnering with Union Hospital and the Wabash Valley Rural Tele-health Network on a project to improve access to emergency services in rural areas.

The Health Resources and Services Administration has awarded the hospital a $1.2 million grant for the project. The grant is one of only five of its kind in the country.

The grant will support the implementation and evaluation of broad-scale tele-health networks to deliver 24-hour emergency department consultation services to rural providers without emergency care specialists.

While the grant emphasizes expanding access to needed services for rural patients, it also seeks to implement a systematic data collection and analysis strategy to create an evidence base for assessing the effectiveness of Tele-Emergency care for patients, providers and payers.


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michelle-smith“Telemedicine has allowed our patients to receive the care they need right here in Sullivan, IN. In our current challenging economic times, the more dollars we are able to retain locally the better off our community will be.”

- Michelle Franklin, CEO
Sullivan County
Community Hospital